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The 2017 Atlantic General Relativity Conference is now concluded.

The conference was in three parts all held at Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

1) On Sunday May 28 before the main part of the workshop, post-doc members of the AARMS CRG gave set of introductory lectures aimed at beginning graduate students.

2) From Monday May 29 to Wednesday May 31, there was a workshop hosted by the Atlantic Association for Research in the Mathematical Sciences (AARMS) collaborative research group (CRG) “Mathematical and physical aspects of black holes”. It featured four invited speakers who each gave a series of three lectures, one on each day of the workshop.

3) Finally from Thursday June 1 to Friday June 2, there was a meeting with two invited speakers along with contributed talks from grad students, post-docs and faculty members.

Information about previous conferences in this series can be found here.
AGR 2017 Invited Speakers
David Kubiznak (Perimeter Institute)
Luis Lehner (Perimeter Institute)

CRG Workshop Lecturers:
Stefanos Aretakis (Princeton University, University of Toronto)
Jorma Louko (University of Nottingham)
Eric Poisson (University of Guelph)
Jeff Winicour (University of Pittsburgh)
Local Organizing Committee
Ivan Booth (Memorial University)
Hari Kunduri (Memorial University)
Post-Doc Day Organizing Committee
Andrey Shoom (Memorial University)
Jonathan Ziprick (University of New Brunswick)
Scientific Organizing Committee:
Alan Coley (Dalhousie University)
Jack Gegenberg (University of New Brunswick)
Robert van den Hoogen (St. Francis Xavier University)
Viqar Husain (University of New Brunswick)
Sanjeev Seahra (University of New Brunswick)

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